Do you constantly feel weighed down by nagging aches, pains, and inflammation? Are you tired of popping pills just to get through the day? You don't have to live like this anymore.

I know you feel trapped.

The constant aches in your joints and muscles seem never-ending, making even simple acts like getting dressed, doing housework, or playing with your grandchildren agonizing. You toss and turn at night as searing pain jolts you awake once again. The exhaustion and irritability from the physical and emotional toll has you at your breaking point.

Activities you once loved now sit collecting dust, as your swollen joints and limited mobility have left you sidelined. The pain medications provide only minimal relief while causing worrisome side effects. No matter what treatments or exercises you try, the pain persists.

You desperately want your life back - to sleep soundly, move freely without hurting, keep up with your loved ones, and feel like yourself again. You want to escape the grip of chronic inflammation that's held you captive and start truly living, rather than just surviving each day.

You deserve to be free from this prison of pain. There is hope, and I can help you unlock the door.

My 6-week Program is a system that shows you an entirely new approach to winning at inflammation by using ancient wisdom and natural strategies that are proven. One-on-one calls, weekly calls, and ongoing Whatsapp support allow you to get the support you need to reboot your health.  An anti-inflammatory protocol box shipped to your door helps amplify your results. 
Oh and we increase self-care so you feel incredible while you detox.


Inflammation is like a fire in your body you cannot see or feel. It's a smoldering process that injures your tissues, joints, and blood vessels, and you often do not notice it until significant damage is done.

Chronic inflammation can make you feel fatigued for no apparent reason. You could have unexplained joint pain, a foggy-feeling brain, digestive problems or food sensitivities, particularly to inflammatory foods.

I am here to show you how to win at inflammation, underlying gut issues, the toxic burdens, and all other issues out of the way so the body is balanced and ready to absorb nutrients, ready to processed foods properly, and ready to release excess weight or excess toxins that no longer need to be there. 

Signs that you need to Reduce Inflammation 

  • Gut Health is Off: Frequent bloating, indigestion, constipation
  • Joint Pain & Stiffness: Joint mobility and flexibility is lacking
  • Frequent Headaches and Fatigue: And no reason why
  • Brain Fog and Memory Loss: can't focus like before
  • Low Energy, Low Mood: Feeling unmotivated and lacking mojo
  • Often, you’ll have only a few of these symptoms.

Inflammation and Toxins in the system may also cause symptoms including:

  • Joint pain, muscles aches and pains
  • Headaches, brain fog, lack of ability to focus
  • ​Gut health isn't optimal, bloating, constipation, gas
  • ​Fatigue, exhaustion, malaise
  • ​Low mood or anxiety-type feelings
  • ​Resistant weight gain 

Why do this right now?

There is no better time than the present to step forward for your Health.

 Most of us live in a state of false wellness because this world we live in is constantly causing mental inflammation, physical inflammation, adding to our toxic burden, and really setting us up for being inflamed and accumulating diseases.

It’s so important that we consistently support our bodies and our health. I believe we can all have vibrant health, this first step will make all the difference in the world.

What’s involved?

Experience renewed energy, freedom from pain, better mobility, and an overall uplifted spirit. 

The old adage says no pain, no gain. But now you can have both - no pain and all the gain.

Don't waste another day feeling enslaved by your own inflammation. Take control and start living your best life again.

Two One-on-one calls with Dr. Shivani for a Personalized Strategy Plan

Six Weeks of 
Personal Coaching with Weekly Live Calls

Fusionary Formulas 
Anti-Inflammatory Protocol Box (value $200)

Unlimited Whatsapp support

28-Day Ayurveda Detox to reboot your system

A Bonus Cooking Class by Dr. Shivani inside the program

Fusionary Tales 
Cooking Book

Morning and Night - 12 Ayurvedic Self Care Rituals Guide 

I look forward to joining you for this program - I need 
to reset, reboot, and recalibrate my body!

- Cindy K -
Before I met Shivani and started listening to her talks and guidance, I was suffering from aches and pains, and various issues that I attributed to “aging.” I learned that so much of what I was dealing with was rooted in inflammation and once I started reversing that, so many aspects of my health and body shifted. 
-Paula A-
I definitely see an improvement in my energy levels throughout my day. I've learned how to fuel in an entirely new way. I time my meals and workday differently. I also learned how to stay grounded according to my exact dosha. This program has been invaluable.
-Nancy R-
I feel great overall, I can’t think of a time I felt better in my life. it’s really doing amazing things for me which I never expected, which is i’m so motivated to get all my work done, to get out and do things, it’s really fantastic. I’m attributing it all to reducing inflammation and getting on the right track.
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